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Your donation will go towards helping Cooking With Gabby provide nutrition education and obesity prevention programs in Los Angeles schools. The amount in the box is simply the suggested donation. Please feel free to give what you feel like. Cooking With Gabby is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible.

In Schools

If you haven’t already figured it out, Cooking With Gabby believes fighting childhood obesity begins with education. That’s why we believe it’s important to implement healthy habits in low-income, vulnerable schools, where children are most at-risk for becoming overweight.

Currently Cooking With Gabby holds their *E.A.T. for Life Healthy Kids program at…




Western Avenue Elementary

Western Ave. Elementary school is a low-income school district in Los Angeles where 100% of the students receive free school meals. For some children, that may be their only meal a day that isn’t junk food. That’s why it’s essential to teach these children the importance of what a balanced, healthy meal looks like and empower them to make healthy decisions at home.




Hillcrest Drive Elementary

The students at Hillcrest Elementary are also particularly vulnerable to obesity. At Hillcrest, 93.8% of the student population receives free or reduced-priced lunch, an indicator that they may not be exposed to the healthy food choices required to live healthy lives.




Queen Anne Place Elementary

At Queen Anne Elementary, all students participate in the free lunch program. Cooking With Gabby is working to provide access to knowledge about healthy cooking and different forms of exercise to the students there.
Hillcrest Elementary, Western Ave. Elementary, and Queen Anne Place Elementary have the same core belief as Cooking With Gabby, which is that all children, regardless of gender, race or economic status, are entitled to equal access to healthy food and safe places to play. By partnering with like-minded organizations Cooking With Gabby is working to build a sturdier foundation for LAUSD.



*E.A.T. (Education + Activity = Total Health) for Life Healthy kids initiative advocates for children and their families by working within the community to promote healthy cooking, physical activity and nutrition utilizing animation, live dance, public theater and educational programs.